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As per the CBSE rules, every student has to choose an activity in an academic year. The school offers a wide array of activities. Every student gets an opportunity to excel themselves in activity of their own choice. Training is provided in classical dance, western dance, western music, drawing, keyboard, guitar, skating, karate and yoga. Students showcase their talents during school celebrations and Annual Cultural Fiesta.


Dance along with music has always dynamically expressed the spirit and personality of every culture. Encompasses many dance forms or styles and are stylistically associated with music. Contemporary dances inculcating ballet, salsa, hip-hop, break dance, waltz and tap dancing. On significant days and on School Annual Day, students mesmerize the audience with their scintillating performances.

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Originally performed in the temples to entertain various Gods and Goddesses. They are also effective in carrying forward the various mythological stories from generation to generation while entertaining the audiences. Classical dances, now, include the expressions and themes from social life and experiences. The basic classical steps (Thattadavu) along with Mudras, and Navarasas are taught in detail. The classes are planned in such a way that by the end of the year these students would be able to perform simple classical and semi-classical dances without inhibition.

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By practicing Yoga poses, children can learn how to exercise, develop confidence and concentrate better. Children encounter emotional, social and physical challenges or conflicts. A dedicated and intentional Yoga practice that includes breathing techniques, behavioral guidelines and physical posture has proven incredibly valuable for our students.

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Children who practice Karate reap many benefits  in several areas of life like fitness, self defense, self discipline, self confidence, respect, sincerity, dedication, easy going attitude, etiquette, improving focus and concentration, sharpening the memory, developing physical, mental and emotional balance.

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The purpose of introducing Table Tennis in our School is not only for fun, but for attaining the following benefits :

  • Improved reflexes

  • Hand-Eye co-ordination

  • Decision - making abilities

  • Improving concentration level

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Chess has been introduced in schools to teach our students with values like,

  • Patience

  • Forethought

  • Long-term planning

  • Capacity to find alternative solutions

When students begin to practice and play chess, their concentration capacity increases and makes a big difference in attitude, behaviour and academic performance.

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Skating is a form of recreational activity as well as a sport form of transportation. It's a fine way to increase muscular strength and cardio respiratory endurance. It improves strength, maintains body posture, balance, co-ordination and flexibility. It is easy to learn, relieves tension and builds enthusiasm.

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